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To Be Used For

For all types of Horticulture crops such as Fruits, Vegetables and Flowers etc..

Wealth PGP is used for nourishing agriculture crops and plants both in enclosed and open soils. In agriculture production PGP “Wealth” brands are used to stimulate  plant growth and development, to increase crop yield, to  improve plant resistance to pathological diseases and pests, adverse climate conditions (droughts, ground frost, etc), to reduce harmful effects of pesticides on plants and soil (used in composed of one tank mixture), reduction (of 30% minimum) of mineral fertilizers distribution rate. Application of  “wealth”   leads to improvement of taste and nutritional value of products and an increase in their storage time. While tiling the soil using “wealth” It is enriched with humates, useful soil  bacteria, macro and microelements. The fertilizer is extremely economic (distribution rate for top dressing amounts to 200 ml/Acre) and increases crop production up to 50%-80%.

*Lake sapropel as the source of humic acid in comparison with other sources is richer in H,N,O.

Wealth is a very active absorbent(functional group is COOH and OH in sum 550-800 milligram- equivalent of dry substances. Besides, Wealth has long-term effect, doesn’t wash out health-giving substances and creates conditions for appearing new ones.

Advantages of "WEALTH PGP"

    • Increases  Plant’s  resistance  against  pest, Decreases  and  works  in  adverse  weather conditions.

    • Increases  the  crop  yield  by  40%-60%  with  improvement  in  size, quality, taste  and nutritional  value  of  products.

    • Improves  fertility  of  soil  and  decreases  the  harmful  effects  of  pesticides  on  soil.

    • Prolong  the  product  storage   period.

    • Absolutely  free  from  chemicals  and  harmful  substances.

    • Improves the product’s taste and nutritional value.

    • Very  economical compare to other chemical products.

texture scheme

Molecular Structure


Humidity:  85 – 90%

Density, g/cm3 :  1.1 minimum

Acidness (pH) = 6.5 – 9.5

Mass share of organic substance, % : 50 min

Available Bottle Sizes




1000ml ( 1 litre)

5000ml (5 litre)

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