Welcome to SLAVS AGRO

Today the whole world is plagued with a variety of diseases due to the effect of chemical fertilizers, poisonous pesticides and various other drugs in our food. To ensure that the health of our people does not deteriorate and they stay healthy poison-free and chemical-free farming is the only way. India has been using chemical fertilizers for decades now and the decline in the overall quality of food is evident; however, the developed countries started finding alternatives way back. They have carried out many researches to move over to chemical free and poison free farming, but the farmers did not accept this change because of less harvest, by as much as 40-50%.

India is God’s own country—the world can’t imagine the miracles that happen on this land. Our mission is to make every inch of farming land in India organic, free from poisonous chemical fertilizers, increase the harvest up to 80%, and bring back the happiness on the faces of our farmers and the health of our people.